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Since Qupqugiaq Inn opened in 1997 it has gone through many transformations...

The cafe downstairs was a magical space, designed and built by us, with steamed, curved oak, a grand, sweeping counter, handmade tiles, and a Qupqugiaq Bear marble mosaic made by Geoff

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History of Qupqugiaq Inn

The Inn began operations in 1996 with six rooms. Since then we have gradually been increasing the number of rooms for rent.

History of School

The principal intention of the development of the Inn and Café was to support and to provide a public space for the School. During the first few years of operations we had very few of our own activities in the School, but opened our spaces to local non-profit groups, which enthusiastically utilized it. During the last three years we have offered our own classes, in which community members explore fundamental questions on humanity and society. Details about this are at our website, www.huzanity.org.

History of Cafe

Qupqugiaq Cafe (1997-1998)
I owned the Café myself in its first incarnation, and ran it with much help from friends. It became a very popular destination. We had over 100 non-profit groups meeting in our classrooms in the evenings, and many people still remember the excitement of that era.

Q Cafe & Eatery (1998-1999)
The business was taken over by a partnership, who ran the business more or less along the same lines (but with less dynamism).

Ten Legged Bear (1999)
A worker owned cooperative which was idealistic but plagued with operational and personal chaos.

Qupqugiaq Cooperative Cafe (2000)
A worker-owned cooperative evolved from the best elements and most committed members of the first cooperative. It was a sincere and meaningful project, but economically unviable.

Hugo's Place (2000-2001)
With Mexican and ‘American’ food, it had a confused vision, and was not a good fit for the space.

Third Remodel interlude

Huzanity Cafe (2002)
This was an idealistic project to create a space that would transform relationships, by having customers cook their own food at various stations. Much more information about this can be found at our website (go to the page on the Cafe, and follow the links).

Dolce Edibles & Bakery (July, 2003-April, 2004)
It became popular after a rush of media attention in the Fall, but after business declined dramatically it was unable to pay the rent.

Istanbul Cafe
Began operations in January, 2005. Amazing Turkish food!

Serranos Mexican Cafe
The final restaurant, Serranos Cafe, closed February 28 2013 to make way for the new sleeping rooms, pods and lobby. It is now located about a mile away. "Healthy Mexican Food: Slow Food - Fast."

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