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The meaning of Qupqugiaq Inn

Our goal in operating Qupqugiaq Inn is to express, in the ways that we can, our vision of the kind of world we want to live in. It is a place in which human interactions are prior to economic ones. It is a human-scale, thoughtful, and ecologically responsible place where independent travelers can be inspired and get organized for their explorations of Alaska.

"May travelers upon the road
Find happiness no matter where they go,
And may they gain, without the need of toil,
The goals on which they set their hearts."

"May those who put to sea in boat or ship
Attain the ports that they desire,
And may they safely come to shore
And sweet reunion with their kith and kin."
The Way of the Bodhisattva, Shantideva

Qupqugiaq Inn is a founding sponsor of Visionary Society, which has the goal of connecting our everyday life in society with our inner life. Parts of the program:

Visionary Topics
Each month we take a look at one part of our life in society, with Exploration (learning activities), Wake up (provocative, collaborative direct action), Implications (a place to take account of the implications of any business or organization), and Invitation (to become a person capable of Visionary Society. Cultivate sensitivity for what is real and call ourselves to our higher nature.

Visionary Places
Places is a way to look under the surface to see the full range of the meaning of any place. Anyone can create an Place page for any business, organization, place, event or project.
– Add hard to find Information.
– Rate the place using full spectrum categories.
– Add Concerns about how a place falls short.
– Create Provocative, Collaborative, Direct Action to create a critical mass for change.

Visionary News
An online and printed tabloid newspaper to publicize important hidden news in any town or city. A forum for finding hidden or denigrated or ignored topics taking place in the city or town where we live. Visionary News is designed to be created semi-autonomously from content entered into Implications, and to be produced anywhere in any place that Implications is being used.

Previously Qupqugiaq was the founding sponsor of People in Need Partnership, an innovative way to connect people in extreme poverty with others by forming a dynamic, genuine relationship. People in Need Partnership is now in hibernation while we build the foundations for more transformative 'social enterprises'.

The Qupqugiaq myth: How the Qupqugiaq bear decided to create 'centers'
Arctic bears, living mainly on the ice pack in the Far North, must kill animals (mostly sea mammals and caribou) in order to survive. But some polar bears – the ten-legged Qupqugiaq – were particularly sensitive. They resented that they were forced by nature to lead such a violent existence. But what choice did they have?
One day a Qupqugiaq ate a caribou which had tundra grass in its stomach. This was a revelation for the Qupqugiaq: it is possible to live without violence, without selfishness.
The Qupuqiaqs asked themselves: How can we live with love, even though we must eat meat? They answered this question by establishing schools. On the tundra and on the ice, they held classes to examine ideas of every kind, from every perspective, including those of the four-legged polar bears and human animals. They then started newspapers, and theaters, and centers that were meant to be places to cultivate what is most beautiful and to be the center of a new polar society.
If you're ever on the ice, alone, in that desolate and dangerous land, remember: Qupqugiaqs (and their friends, Huzan beings) may be just over the next ice ridge.

Alaska Meaningful Travel
Qupqugiaq Inn is the primary sponsor of Alaska Meaningful Travel.
Travel is not just about having fun and pleasing oneself. It can also be a way to expand horizons, to lift one's imagination, to prepare oneself for a more important future, and to help others on the same path. On your trip here, bring to bear all your personal resources: time, intelligence, passion, skill, and money. Fill your journey here with learning, insight, courage, and meaning.

What is a Meaningful Hotel?
"At all times, except our own, the inn was a wonderful place, where strangers met for a night, to eat, drink, play cards, tell stories, and experience extraordinary adventures. But in a modern motel every ounce of this adventure has been lost. The motel owner assumes that strangers are afraid of one another, so he caters to their fear by making each room utterly self-contained and self-sufficient.
"But behind the fear, there is a deep need: the need for company - for stories, and adventures, and encounters. It is the business of an inn to create an atmosphere where people can experience and satisfy this need…" See more

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